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Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is not somewhere you’ll want to travel if you’re on a tight budget, but its breathtaking sights and friendly locals make the trip worthwhile. If you’re especially thrifty, saving money in Norway could be a breeze. 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 7.96 Norwegian Krones.


Sights to See


Oslo, Norway’s capital, is the country’s largest city with a population of 658,000. Like most cities, Oslo is home to modern architecture, vibrant big-city life and a wide range of museums, including the Munch Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum and the Fram Museum. However, one unique part of this big city is that more than half is protected nature areas, full of woods and water.

Oslo’s Frogner Park, Norway’s most visited cost-free site, contains the country’s biggest rose collection and more than 200 massive granite and bronze statues by Gustav Vigeland, a Norwegian sculptor. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is also free, unless you plan to see a performance or take a guided tour.



Bergen is Norway’s second-biggest city with a population of 278,000. Bryggen is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in Bergen that features 60 German merchant houses from the Hanseatic League. The houses have been converted to shops and restaurants, but still hold their historic charm. When in Bergen, taking the funicular up Mount Fløyen to go for a hike or grab lunch is a must. Mount Ulriken is another option, where you can go ziplining after a two-hour cable car ride.

Bergen is known as the “gateway to the fjords.” Sailing the fjords in the northern part of the country will take your breath away every time. Seeing the glaciers reflect off the sea water is peaceful from a boat, car or train. Taking the train is the most affordable option. You can also go kayaking or hike along the fjords.



Even when exploring Norway on a budget, there are affordable options for lodging. Airbnb is becoming increasingly popular in Norway. Shared accommodation will cost around 400 NOK ($50.26) per night, while a private apartment or home will be closer to 950 NOK ($119.37). For a traditional private hotel room, you’ll pay around 750 NOK ($94.24) per night. For adventurous travelers with a tent, camping on public lands is free. You could also obtain a Camping Key Europe card for 130 NOK ($16.33) that will give you access to over 250 campgrounds in Norway. By using the card, you get discounts for campgrounds all around Europe.


All are Welcome

Norway is a liberal country where everyone is welcome. They hold cultural events and yearly parades celebrating LGBT travel, and most of the country is accessible for travelers with disabilities.


Personally, I most enjoyed seeing the midnight sun when I visited Norway. The northern lights are also an impressive sight. I hope you have a safe, enjoyable time if you visit this magnificent country.