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Although the Australian culture may seem extremely similar to your culture, there are some stark differences in the way traditions and social norms are presented and executed. Before you hop on that plane to the Land Down Under, it is recommended that you are mindful of these seven tips.  


The island continent of Australia is much more massive than it would appear on a map. An airplane ride across the country can take up to five hours, so plan accordingly. Decide what areas you’d really like to see, and plan for travel time. For example, Queensland and Sydney are two popular destinations, but they are 1,622 kilometers apart by air and even further by vehicle.


Unlike in the United States and other European cities, the internet connection in Australia is often slow and costly. If you need to remain connected for work purposes, it is recommended that you purchase a hotspot for your travels rather than relying on the local internet services. If you’re there for vacation, it might not be such a bad idea to unplug for the duration of your vacation.


Although Australians speak English, a host of unique dialects and lingo often leads to confusion in translation. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with some of the most common slang words will save you trouble in communicating with the locals. It could be especially difficult if English isn’t your first language.


With a thinner ozone layer than the rest of the world, the Australian sun is much more intense than what most people are accustomed to experiencing. The Australian sun has the potential to heat up quickly, leaving a swath of sunburned tourists in its wake. Be sure to properly protect your skin with strong sunblock and protective clothing.


Although it still may be considered trendy and acceptable to smoke cigarettes in other parts of the world, the Australian culture largely shuns this practice. New legislation is going to raise the price of a pack of cigarettes to approximately $40, making smoking one expensive habit for both locals and tourists. If you value your health and the way you’re perceived by locals, leave your smokes at home.


In addition to the iconic Vegemite spread, Australians boast a number of interesting food and drink options sure to please any personal taste. The popular Tim Tams cookie is guaranteed to delight any visitor, while macadamia nuts and fresh seafood are available in abundance.


Despite being known primarily for its vast wine production, Australians also appreciate a good cup of coffee, as evidenced by the unique coffee culture.

Best of luck in your travels!