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With summer vacation plans in full swing, many people are looking to scratch their travel itch with a foreign adventure. In addition to affordability and the availability of cultural activities and sightseeing opportunities, one of the top considerations to be made when planning an international trip is the safety of the final destination. Here are a few of the best picks to consider if safety and personal security is a top concern.

FINLAND: The siren call of the majestic Northern Lights draws millions of visitors each year to this country. The natural beauty of the breathtaking area is unparalleled and its lack of violent crime make it an ideal vacation spot.

ICELAND: The popularity of this remote country has taken off in recent years as more and more travelers use it as a midway stop on their travels to Europe and beyond. The abundance of volcanoes and glaciers combined with the constant sunlight in the summer months offer many recreational opportunities to visitors. Iceland also boasts the third-lowest rate of murder in the world, giving it a spot as one of the safest countries to visit.

PORTUGAL: The overall politeness and friendliness of this welcoming country make it a priority when narrowing down safe places to visit. While there, vacationers will delight in the smorgasbord of fresh seafood offerings while visiting the pristine emerald water beaches or soaking in the heated natural springs.

AUSTRIA: While much of Europe has been facing unfortunate issues of terrorism, Austria remains a safe haven for residents and visitors alike. The quaint coffee houses, magical Austrian countryside villages, and sweeping mountain vistas are the main draw of this Alpine country.

HONG KONG: This autonomous Chinese territory is most known for its constant police surveillance force, keeping order throughout the area. Visitors will feel secure in its presence while enjoying an eclectic mix of dining and shopping opportunities, as well as a myriad of cultural festivals and fireworks.

NORWAY: The peaceful and welcoming people of Norway are major factors in the country’s overall low rate of crime. The natural fjords are a top tourist attraction, and the ample summer sunlight will enable plenty of time to take in the country’s beauty and quaint countryside villages.

Hopefully, this list will be useful when planning your next foreign adventure. I wish you safe and happy travels in the future.