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Looking to indulge your sense of wanderlust? Following a variety of travel blogs is one of the best ways to get inspiration for your next trip while educating yourself about all of the adventures out there waiting for you. Here are 7 of the top travel blogs to get you started.


Those travelers looking to journey out on their own would be wise to follow the adventures of Janice Waugh. In her blog, Waugh focuses on how to make the most out of a solo travel experience by providing a variety of tips and destination guides.


This blog is an invaluable resource for those travelers looking to travel light. Join like-minded travelers in this community committed to the simplicity of backpacking through all of life’s travel journeys.


Ambitious travelers looking to expand their language acquisition skills swear by the advice offered in this blog. Created by Irishman Benny Lewis, this blog offers practical tips on how you can learn a new language both quickly and inexpensively.


Photography enthusiasts will delight in this blog and its vast collection of travel photos. As both an avid photographer and wanderer, Trey Ratcliff uses his blog to chronicle his travel adventures through the use of photos while offering readers guides and advice on how to take the best pictures.


This travel blog chronicles the adventures of Geraldine DeRuiter as she eats her way around the globe. As both a world traveler and foodie, DeRuiter offers up a fresh perspective on some of the planet’s most unique food and drink offerings.


Evelyn Hannon uses her blog to educate women about traveling alone safely. In addition to a bevy of practical tips designed for female travelers, Journeywoman provides women with a host of fun tidbits. This site is also a great resource for finding the latest travel deals designed to stretch your dollar further.


Experienced traveler Tim Leffel uses his vast knowledge to share travel budgeting tips with readers. The blog details the best ways to get the most bang for your buck in specific destinations and through the most useful travel deals.

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