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Piet Casier


About Piet

One of Piet Casier’s favorite hobbies is traveling. Over the years he has traveled to many countries throughout the world. Piet works in the medical field as a general practitioner. While he enjoys his work, he believes that it’s important to spend time away from work now and then to relax. Traveling gives Piet the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, learn about new cultures, and keep his mind active. On every trip, Piet makes sure to plan fun activities. However, he also believes that it’s important to take it easy during a trip. Traveling should never be stressful. Instead, it should be a time to enjoy life and learn more about the world.

Piet Casier has numerous memorable traveling experiences. One of his favorite experiences may be the time he spent one month living close to North Cape in Norway. North Cape is a popular tourist destination because it experiences the midnight sun, a phenomenon where the sun remains visible at midnight. During the summer solstice, it’s even possible for the sun to appear for twenty-four hours as long as the weather permits. Piet had the good fortune to see the sun every hour and found the experience truly unforgettable.

Another memorable travel experience took place during Piet’s time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While visiting the country, Piet got the chance to take pilot lessons. After twelve hours of lessons, he gained permission to fly alone. Flying on his own was a remarkable experience.

Southern California may be Piet Casier’s favorite travel destination. The weather is fantastic, and the people are friendly. Piet finds that the combination of sunlight and pleasant temperature gives him more energy and makes him feel relaxed. Sweden and Norway are Piet’s two other favorite destinations. The autumn landscape in both countries is particularly beautiful. There are so many colors that jump out to the eyes that it’s difficult to not look around and appreciate the scene.

Professional Overview

Piet Casier is a general practitioner who specializes in psychiatry. For more than three decades Piet has served patients in many countries. After working in the medical field for over a decade, Piet decided to learn more about psychiatry because he recognized the crucial role that the mind plays in every medical condition. Piet’s psychiatric knowledge gives him the ability to quickly understand a patient and the issues that he or she faces. With this knowledge, he can devise a plan to help that patient overcome their medical issues.

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Professional Overview